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Surrogacy Law

At International Fertility Law Group, we work with you through each step of the surrogacy contract process, so that all parties are informed, supported and protected [...]

IFLG Egg Donation Law

Egg Donation Law

Our attorneys guide you during each step of the process, assisting you in creating an egg donor agreement that matches your preferences for anonymity and privacy [...]


Sperm Donation Law

For intended parents planning to start a family via sperm donation, a properly executed sperm donor agreement stating the rights and responsibilities of all parties is essential [...]

LGBT Families

LGBT Families

At International Fertility Law Group, we understand the legal issues and the societal challenges that are unique to LGBT intended parents [...]

IFLG Parental Rights For Intended Parents

Parental Rights

Because our practice is focused exclusively on assisted reproductive technology law, we stay abreast of laws regarding parental establishment [...]


National & International Services

One of the things that distinguishes IFLG as a leader in ART and fertility law is our extensive knowledge of the legal requirements of family formation throughout [...]

IFLG Co-Founders

<strong>Willard K. Halm, Esq.</strong>
Willard K. Halm, Esq.Co-Founder
Attorney Will Halm has more than 20 years of legal experience and specializes in assisted reproduction and family formation law. He has helped hundreds of intended parents, surrogates, and egg donors with contracts and parental rights judgments, and has [...]
<strong>Richard B. Vaughn, Esq.</strong>
Richard B. Vaughn, Esq.Co-Founder
Attorney Rich Vaughn combines his passion for family formation with 20 years of experience in business and technology law. Rich, and his law partner Will Halm, joined forces and co-founded International Fertility Law Group (IFLG), one of the most successful and [...]

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October 2014

ART for HIV+ Intended Parents is Hot Topic at Professional Conferences

I am fortunate to participate in two great professional conferences, both of which bring together some of the best minds in assisted reproductive technology to share best practices and advance knowledge in the field. The […]

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SCOTUS Inaction Results in More Same-Sex Marriage

As of September, 17 state attorneys general had joined a “friend of the court” brief asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear same-sex marriage cases from the Fourth, Seventh and Tenth U.S. Circuit Courts of […]

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September 2014

New CA Birth Certificate Law Allows LGBT Parents to Identify as Mother, Father, Parent

Effective Jan. 1, 2016, birth certificates of babies born in California will no longer identify a mother and father but will instead use the gender-neutral term “parent”

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August 2014

Surrogacy Cases Gone Wrong in International Media

A number of high-profile cases of malfeasance or unethical activity related to international surrogacy have recently made headlines worldwide, fueling negative misconceptions.

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Bobbie Thomas Brings Her IVF Experience to the BUZZ

Thomas made the decision to use her highly visible Today Show podium as a way to get the topic out in the open and potentially make others undergoing fertility treatment feel more comfortable and less alone in the process.

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