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International Fertility Law Group, Inc., was founded by Will Halm and Rich Vaughn, attorneys who have specialized exclusively in assisted reproductive technology and family formation law for more than a decade. IFLG offers expert legal services in all areas of assisted reproductive technology, including surrogacy, egg donation, embryo donation, sperm donation, parental establishment, non-traditional family formation, co-parenting and second-parent adoption.

Will and Rich both became parents themselves by means of egg donation and surrogacy and know firsthand the joy that assisted reproduction technology (“ART”) can bring to couples who want to start a family. It was from a desire to help other families like theirs all over the world that they founded International Fertility Law Group.

Rich became fascinated with ART law when he and spouse, Tommy Woelfel, were going through the surrogacy process that resulted in the birth of twin sons. Rich, who had 15 years of experience in business and technology law, decided to make helping other families his life’s work. Will and his life partner, Marcelin Simard, were already pioneers in ART and family formation, as the first same-gender couple in a gestational surrogacy case to have both their names placed on their child’s birth certificate as a result of a pre-birth court order.

To their firm, Will and Rich bring their own personal experiences and their years of helping hundreds of families from a wide range of circumstances. Both understand the importance of informing and guiding intended parents through the process, every step of the way. Today, Will and Rich are among the world’s best known experts in the fields of assisted reproductive technology law and family formation law.

In addition, Will and Rich have built an extensive network of attorneys who are expert in assisted reproductive technology law in every U.S. state and in nearly every nation of the world. Their personal empathy with intended parents, extensive backgrounds in ART law, and access to legal expertise the world over have made International Fertility Law Group a leader in the field of assisted reproductive technology law.




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Rich Vaugh & Will Halm, Esq. - IFLG


Rich Vaugh & Will Halm, Esq. - IFLG