Sperm Donation Law

Sperm Donation Law

Intended parents via sperm donation need legal protection, too

For intended parents planning to start a family via sperm donation, a properly executed sperm donor agreement stating the rights and responsibilities of all parties is essential.

A sperm donation arrangement without the benefit of experienced legal counsel or a properly drafted agreement can result in numerous unforeseen problems affecting parental rights and obligations, especially in situations where the sperm donor is a friend or family member.

International Fertility Law Group is a leader in the field of assisted reproductive technology and sperm donation law, with expert knowledge of the law as it varies from state to state. IFLG can help ensure your family a legally secure future.




What we do

Sperm Donation LawDraft or provide legal review of sperm donor agreements
Sperm Donation Law

Draft legal clearance letters required by physicians and agencies

Sperm Donation LawProvide all legal services or representation necessary to protect your rights